If you do business with RecWest you are our customer for life. Our expert team will quickly solve any issues, provide replacement parts to all of our products, and provide complimentary industry consultations to anyone who asks. We are here for you… forever.


With over 1,500 of some of the most unique and iconic playgrounds in the United States, RecWest knows our clients. We quickly assess your design needs through our discovery call or site visit to guarantee your dreams become a reality. We set our focus long term, so 25 years from now you are still happy with your product.


Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

From preliminary design to post-sale service, we are here for you. RecWest will guide clients from the most complex projects, no matter the budget. By partnering with Landscape Structures, a California B-Licensed contractor, RecWest acts as project manager to provide turn-key construction services, including ground-up installation and site work. We will help you determine your needs, make sure you have all the materials necessary for a smooth installation.


Since our products have the industry’s longest Life-Cycle Cost, they have been installed for decades with minimal maintenance required. We can extend their service by changing out older components for new ones and adding on to the play area or structure. We can also assess older equipment to be sure it meets current safety standards, and be sure your classic products are still innovative and fun.


For the past 16 years RecWest has offered various purchasing contracts to help your project be completed efficiently, economically, and professionally. These contracts are competitively bid, government-to-government procurement services only available to public agencies and non-profits. Through these contracts we can offer discounted pricing on our products while meeting California bid law requirements.

Time Savings – fulfill your bid requirements quickly and efficiently

Money Savings – no costs or fees to participate and no minimum spending requirements

Complete Control – get the quality and design you expect on your project

Turnkey Solutions – the ability to include all products and scope of work under one contract

Utilizing a purchasing contract will allow you to have more control over the project and ensure that all products are designed and executed exactly to your standards.


Recwest partners with the best fundraising organizations in the industry. Our expert knowledge and resources help ensure our clients have the most access to grants and fundraising opportunities. We have specific fundraising packages for schools and non-profits that focus on different client’s needs. We can also plan your project in phases to guarantee you reach your fundraising goals.

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