Arroyo Verde Park

Project Details

Address: Foothill Rd. Ventura, CA 93003

Owner: City of Ventura

Playground Design: Landscape Structures

Landscape Design: Pacific Coast Land Design

Play Surfacing: SpectraTurf

Installation: Totlot Pros

Products: Landscape Structures Playground Equipment

Photos by: Anna Alverio

Project Summary

 This special Nature and Fort-Themed Inclusive Playground truly has it all when it comes to inclusive play.  Using topography to its advantage, the playground allows for children in mobility devices to access the tall main structure directly, while also providing slides, and other climbers along the slope of the hills.  Additionally, the playground features our We-Go-Round Wheelchair Accessible Spinner, our Sway Fun Wheelchair Accessible Glider, the We-Saw Accessible Seesaw, and several accessible Swings. Matched with climbers, balancing challenges and a Farmers’ Market-Themed 2-5 Structure, this playground truly has play for all!

Project Categories

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