Chumash Park

Project Details

Address: Ventana Dr, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Owner: City of Pismo Beach

Playground Design: Landscape Structures Inc.

Playground install: Central Coast Playgrounds

Products: Landscape Structures Inc. Play Equipment

Photos by: Anna Alverio

Project Summary

This engaging playground caters to children aged 2-5 and 5-12, offering a dynamic experience for a wide range of abilities. Key amenities include the ZipKrooz zip line for older children, promoting balance and coordination, and the Topsy Turny spinner, which develops balance and spatial awareness for all ages. The Friendship Swing fosters social interaction and cooperation, while the expansive Super Netplex and Quantis Climber provide challenging routes and transitions, enhancing physical strength and agility for children aged 5-12. Designed as a central hub for active play and social engagement, this playground offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for all.

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