Farnsworth Park

Project Details

Address: 568 Mount Curve Ave E., Altadena, CA 91001

Owner: County of Los Angeles

Playground Design: Landscape Structures

Landscape Design: Studio MLA

Play Surfacing: SpectraTurf

Installation: Evergreen Environment

Products: Landscape Structures Playground Equipment and SkyWays Shade

Photos by: Anna Alverio

Project Summary

The playground features a Nature-Inspired design that includes a giant custom sculpted GFRC log slide, mushroom & log steppers, log benches, and our incredibly popular hillscape climber. The playground also includes our one-of-a-kind, We-Go-Round Wheelchair accessible spinner, as well as, our inclusive Friendship Swing, Oodle Swing, and Full-Harness inclusive swings! This park truly has play opportunities for children of all abilities!


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