Marine Park

Project Details

Address: 106 Marine St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

Owner: City of Santa Monica

City Project Managers: Linda Cogswell & Brian Ochoa

Landscape Architect: RHA Landscape Architects Planners, Inc.

Playground Design: Landscape Structures & RecWest Outdoor Products

Products: Landscape Structure Play Equipment, SkyWays Shade, DuMor Site Furnishings & SpectraTurf Surfacing

Construction & Installation by: Evergreen Environment

Playground Photos by: Anna Alverio

Project Summary

This Santa Monica Beach-themed Fully Inclusive Playground includes a Custom Lifeguard Tower play structure, a fully wheelchair-accessible marine-themed play structure, as well as our We-Go-Round Wheelchair-accessible spinner and a custom Ferris Wheel climber in homage to the icon Ferris Wheel on Santa Monica Pier!

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